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Having Troubles as a New Mom? 

Newborn feeding is a ride on a bumpy road. You're not alone in this. There is no doubt that motherhood throws most new moms into a state of confusion, anxiety, and excitement all at once. Learning breastfeeding tips for new moms and the products you should have which can make your journey less challenging. 

Here are some breastfeeding problems and our top-notch products you can use to overcome them. 

1- Painful Nipples

The first few days of breastfeeding can be painful for some moms. Your nipples may be sore as they adjust to the pressure of your baby's mouth, and you may experience cracked or bleeding nipples. You may feel pain when you're nursing or even when not nursing. This nipple sensitivity is normal. You can try using breast shells (small cups that fit over your nipples) to protect them from constant friction with clothing or bedding while they heal.

Nursing Nipple Protector is ideal for new moms facing painful feeding because of cracked nipples or sunken nipples. If you're a mom transitioning your baby from breasts to bottles, these protectors are a must. 

2- Engorgement

Engorgement is one of the most common breastfeeding problems and can be painful. It usually happens when a new mom's breasts fill with milk faster than she can remove it. This happens to all breastfeeding moms, and the best way to avoid engorgement is by using products that help you express your milk regularly, such as breast pumps.

Engorged breasts also make it difficult for babies to latch on. Pumping your breast with breast pumps a little before feeding helps alleviate engorgement, soften the areola, and lengthen the nipple making it easier for babies to latch. 

Breast pumps are also a great option for moms on the go. If you are planning to return to work after having your baby, you will need an electric breast pump to express milk for storage in bottles. You can use a Constant Temperature Feeding Bottle to feed warm milk to your baby. 

3- Excess or Low Generation of Milk

For some moms (especially common for first time moms), a low supply of milk is an issue, while some undergo excess generation of milk. 

If you're someone who produces more milk, the leaking milk can make you appear messy in public. In situations like these, breast pads are lifesavers. 

You can insert good quality breast pads in your bra to soak up excess milk. You can also try remedies like feeding in a laid-back position, pumping a little milk (make sure not too much, or your breast will receive a signal to produce more milk), and avoiding supplements, foods, or teas that can lactate you more. 

For moms worrying about less milk supply, you can send your breasts signals to produce more milk by using a breast pump. You should also stay hydrated and use lactation supplements as per your physician's recommendations. This can be a very frustrating experience, make sure to take a break if you're getting frustrated and know that you're not alone, this is one of the most common calls to lactation specialists.

4- Positioning Babies

While newborn feeding has many challenges, one of them is positioning your baby the right way. Not all babies will learn to latch on your nipples easily. You may need to try some new positions. And if you have enlarged breasts, have undergone C-sections, or are nursing twins, you may have more trouble than others positioning your baby. Moreover, new moms also have issues with strained back and shoulders. 

A breastfeeding pillow ensures comfort for mothers having trouble positioning their babies. It also helps support your baby's head during feeding and relieves stress from your back and shoulders. Make sure to invest in a pillow that's neither too hard nor too soft but is perfect for accommodating different positions. 

5- Nipple Biting

Every mom complains of babies biting their nipples. It's usually when they are teething, biting relieves the gum discomfort, or they are trying to get mom's attention when they're bored during feeding. 

An Anti-Bite Nipple Protector Nipple Cover can help give you double protection against biting. But you shouldn't just rely on these protectors. It is important to teach your baby not to bite your nipples. You take them off your breasts for a while and gently ask them not to bite you. Resume the session in a while if your baby still wants to feed. 

Simplify Your Motherhood with the Right Accessories

The first few weeks of breastfeeding are often the most difficult, as your body begins to adjust to producing the right amount of milk for your baby, and you get used to breastfeeding positions that work best. 

Moms who are breastfeeding may not realize that there are accessories to make the experience easier. The right accessories will help you breastfeed your baby comfortably, even if you're a first-time mom.

Accessories aren't just a luxury — they can be essential to helping you feed your baby. When you're starting breastfeeding, it's important to have the right support and supplies. 

Mom and Honey Stands with You Every Step of the Way!

If you're a new mother struggling with breastfeeding, we know how hard it can be. We believe every mother should be able to nurse their child without struggle. We believe in providing all new moms with the best quality products at fair prices. 

With Mom and Honey's help, you're guaranteed to bring your baby into this world feeling ready to breastfeed. Our products help you reduce nipple soreness, save your nipples from cracking, increase milk production, and much more! 

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