Benefits and Types of Baby Carriers

For Mother And Child

If you or someone you know has just given birth, you might know that the baby needs carrying for hours on end. That is totally normal as the New-borns are not yet accustomed to the new world. But this need of the baby can make everyday life a lot trickier for the new mom.

How will she tend to the baby and manage her day-to-day activities with this constant requirement? Two words: Baby wearing!
New to the term? Let us explain!

Babywearing is the act of carrying your baby with the help of a special device called a baby carrier, but what if we tell you that it has been around for centuries? Nomadic people used to wear babies to travel with them more efficiently. Families in Romania, Africa, Mexico, and other parts of the world still use this technique every day with specialized fabrics passed on by their ancestors.

In the past decade or so the ‘modern' part of the world has adapted to this mode with its ‘modern twist.’ Corporations have adapted this technique and made some amazing baby-carrying products that are both safe and easy to use. We will get to that later, for now let’s focus on how it is better for you and your baby.
Below are 10 benefits of Babywearing for the mother and her child

Effective traveling

Holding your baby with the help of a carrier helps you to go to places without having the need to push a stroller. This helps save space and the need to manage the stroller everywhere you go. It also helps in keeping your hands free, whilst making it easier for you to do a quick errand.

Avoiding nasty hands

People generally love babies and want to touch them or kiss them, out of love of course. However, the mother can get a little freaked out thinking about the number of germs touching her little one.
A carrier keeps your baby nicely nestled in its little cocoon that keeps the germy hands away. It is much easier to reach into a stroller than to touch the baby that is attached to their parent's chest. So it is perfect to give the do not touch sign without being rude!

Soothing for the baby

As we said above, babies are not yet used to the ‘new environment,’ they just want to be held by people they trust. So, carrying a baby in a carrier that attaches them to you is a perfect way to ensure that they are safe. The more you carry your baby, the happier the baby will be, resulting in less crying and a more quiet alert state. Which in turn helps the baby learn the most.

Best for cognitive and social development

Worn babies are more engaged in their parents' daily activities since they can see what their parents see and hear what their parents say. Finally, being so near to your kid enables you to pay closer attention to their indications and give them more touches. All of these can improve well-being generally as well as learning and cognitive development.

Good for overall health and well-being

When you wear your baby, you can carry them in a position that is good for their physical growth and health. It can improve digestion and avoid flat head syndrome (helping with colic and reflux). Additionally, infants in carriers learn how to balance themselves by using their muscles.

You can breastfeed easily

If you carry in a ring sling or a wrap, it may take a little practice, but if you get the hang of it, you can nurse without anyone noticing.

You get to be hands-free

This calls for completing household tasks, working, cooking, and going for walks, and— perhaps most crucially for parents with several children — being more present for the other kids. Wearing your new-born while holding the hand of your toddler? Isn't that amazing?

Great for bonding

The baby carrier naps and snuggles are a terrific method to reconnect with your kid once they are out of the womb since you are more likely to converse and interact with them when you are wearing them. You are also more likely to notice your baby's cues and learn to address their demands during that bonding period, which can give you greater confidence as you learn the ins and outs of parenting.

Decrease the risk of postpartum depression

This boost in self-assurance can ease the adjustment to parenting and improve a new mom's general mental health. Additionally, baby carriers make it simpler to go on walks, keep active, or make new acquaintances, which might help you overcome social isolation. Last but not least, research has linked more skin-to-skin time with your infant while baby wearing to a reduction in postpartum depression rates.

Partners and other family members get a deeper connection

With baby carriers, more people than only moms can spend quality time with the infant. Additionally, it is a nice pastime a father or partner can perform with the baby at any time of day to calm the infant or simply go on a morning coffee run.

Different Types of Baby Carriers

There are numerous varieties of carriers and slings available. Depending on what you'll be doing and your baby's age, you could find that some of them work better than others. Some parents alternate between carriers on a daily basis, while others just own one that they use for everything from cuddling a newborn at home to going on active outings with a toddler. Whatever carrier you decide on, be sure to read the included directions and comprehend how to use it securely.

Baby wraps

This kind of carrier is arguably the most adaptable to strap your infant to your chest or back, it is essentially a long length of fabric. Stretchy knit or woven materials are available for wraps. These can be really cozy once you learn how to use them. Stretchy wraps work well for babies but may not be strong enough to support toddlers. Woven wraps are strong enough to be used with both infants and older babies.


These are slung like a sash across one shoulder. Your kid will have a pocket thanks to the material being folded over. With the adjustable ring slings, you can turn the ring to customize the fit of the sling. However, pouches cannot be adjusted.

Soft-structured carrier

These resemble backpacks, although they can also be worn on the front. They have padded shoulder straps and a structured waist strap. To further customize the fit, they feature buckles to tightly fix the baby to avoid any accident.

Waist stool

These are a unique type of carrier that helps you in managing the weight of the baby while holding them close to yourself using your hands, this kind of carrier is best for toddlers over the age of 6 months.

Baby Carrier T-shirt

This kind of carrier is perfect for newborns as it snuggles them in like a little cocoon while they rest nicely on your chest, ensuring that they can feel your warmth and giving them the comfort they need. Keeping your hands-free and relaxed throughout the day.

Whichever you choose, baby wearing is a great way to continue your day all whileand normal operation with being able to still be close to your little one.